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We are going to need a second garage to store all of the materials my girls have been collecting in Canada! We have boxes and buckets and bags full of pinecones, acorns, sticks, rocks, and other random treasures that I didn’t think were treasures but, “MOM! THEY ARE!”

The girls decided we should use some of their “treasure” to create a centerpiece and, with the Frozen II soundtrack playing in the background, it was one of the ZENNEST activities of the summer. You’ve gotta try it!


  • “treasures” from nature (e.g. rocks, pinecones, etc.)

  • a container


  1. If you don’t already have a garage full of nature materials (ha!), go on a nature walk! Collect pinecones, sticks, flower petals, rocks, or whatever else your child deems as treasure in the great outdoors

  2. Arrange your collected items as desired inside of a container. I gave a container to each of my daughters and they ended up working together instead.

  3. Place your container in the center of a table – ours sits on the patio coffee table!


  • Draw a picture of your centerpiece and label the materials you used.

  • Gift a nature centerpiece to a friend or neighbour!


  • How do you choose which rocks to collect and which rocks to leave on the ground?

  • What is your favourite thing you found in nature today? Why?

  • Is there something we didn’t find today that you wanted to find?

  • How would you describe the weather today?

  • What do ________________________ feel like? (e.g. pinecones)

  • Where should we go on our next nature walk?

  • Going for a walk makes me feel more calm. How did it make you feel today?


  • a thorough search of the walk area

  • variety of nature items

  • following family guidelines during walk (e.g. wearing hat or sunscreen, staying within a certain area, etc.)

  • thoughtful placement of items in container

  • positive collaboration with a sibling or friend

It should also be mentioned that, whenever I look at the centerpiece, I go back to that wonderful afternoon where my two chickens got along beautifully for at least an hour. Ah, the memories!

Please share your nature centerpieces with us! We are @theartstadium on Instagram and we are eager to find Zen in the creations you make at your place!

Happy connecting!



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