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Sick of mosquitoes? Begging for rain? Dreaming of butterflies in the backyard? Wishing for snow? Want to see a rainbow?

Good news, sweet friends!

ALL OF YOUR OUTDOOR WISHES can come true with these magical nature wands! Get ready to have some creative fun and put bug spray companies outta business (I’m so totally kidding. Please protect yourself from things like West Nile Virus!!!)


  • stick

  • pinecones

  • string

  • contact paper

  • leaves

  • star punch

  • star stencil

  • glue gun (hot or cool melt)

  • pen/pencil

  • tape

  • glitter (always optional!)

  • acorn tops and bells (also optional!)


  1. Trace a star shape onto a piece of contact paper. Tape the contact paper (sticky side up!) onto your working surface.

  2. Use a star punch to create star-shaped leaf pieces.

  3. Place stars within the star shape on your contact paper. They will stay in place! Feel free to add glitter, as desired.

  4. Using another piece of contact paper, seal your work and cut out the star shape!

  5. Glue the star to the top of a stick. We used a cool melt glue gun.

  6. Tie pinecones onto the ends of a piece of string and wrap it onto the stick, securing it with a knot or a bow. Feel free to add a little dab of glue where you’re worried things will come loose while spells are cast

  7. We added a little sound to our wands (brave, right?!) and glued acorn tops onto bells to make it happen. Then, we tied these onto the stick with a fancier, gold string!

  8. Time to make your outdoor dreams a reality!


  • A nature wand spell book would be AMAZING! Especially for little writers!!!


  • How did you decide where to place things on the contact paper?

  • What spells will you cast with your magic wand?

  • Which of your books or favourite movies have magic?

  • Can you think of a friend that would love making a nature wand?


  • Helping to collect nature items

  • Safe use of scissors

  • Strengthening fine motor skills by cutting, tying, and picking up small pieces (e.g. leaf stars)

  • Taking control of creative decisions

Wishing you the most magical August ever!!!!

Happy connecting!



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