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GOURDgeous Turkeys

I couldn't resist, people. This pun is TOOOOO good not to share ;)

How adorable are these gourd-geous turkeys we created for Canadian Thanksgiving?! They added some personality to the dinner table and it all started with hours (ha, it felt like hours!) of sensory fun at Leahy's Farm and Market....

Juliet wanted to bring home every gourd on site, but I set a limit of five and she was able to make it happen (after thoroughly examining her options).

This art project is lots of GOURD FUN (sorry, I can't stop myself). We hope you join in!


  • gourds

  • craft foam

  • glue gun & sticks

  • crayons

  • white paper

  • leaves

  • scissors


  1. It's time for a nature walk! Collect your favourite leaves and bring them home.

  2. It's time for sensory play! Head out to the nearest box of gourds ( stand) and get busy choosing the ones that speak to you ;) It's a process. Enjoy it.

  3. At home, place a leaf face-down under a piece of white paper.

  4. Hold the paper firmly in place as you rub a crayon (lengthwise!) over top of your leaf.

  5. Cut out your leaf rubbing.

  6. Use a hot glue gun to secure the leaf to the backside of your gourd.

  7. Cut out eyes, a beak, and a "gobble, gobble" as we call it at my house. Hot glue these parts onto the face fo your turkey!


  • Gift a gourd-geous turkey to a friend or neighbour!

  • Attach name tags onto each one and use them as place settings during Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Turn your gourd into another creature!

  • Make a list of words to describe your gourd. This will put those observation skills to work! Different measurements can be taken by older kiddos too ;)


  • Which gourd is your favourite?

  • Which leaf is your favourite?

  • Do you know which type of tree your leaves came from?

  • What is something you are grateful for?

  • What's your favourite food at Thanksgiving?


  • following family guidelines during nature walk to collect leaves

  • holding leaf in place under their paper

  • applying the right amount of pressure while rubbing leaf with crayon

  • safe use of scissors

  • practicing safety near hot glue gun

And if all you do is Step 1 and 2 and the gourd-geous turkeys never come to fruition, you still made two beautiful fall memories with your little artist(s).

Happy connecting and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!



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