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2x4 Thanksgiving Turkeys

It all started when Grampy asked me if I had any use for the wood pieces leftover from his summer bunkie project.

In the moment, I didn't.


In the moment, like any true maker, I said DO NOT THROW ANYTHING OUT!

Snowmen were my first thought (can you picture them?!), however Thanksgiving was right around the corner and so turkeys were much more seasonal! These ones were done by ages 2+. I wonder if you can guess which one my adorable nephew created ;)


  • 2x4 wood pieces (is this how you say it? haha)

  • Acrylic paint

  • foam sheets (red and orange)

  • popsicle sticks

  • washi tape

  • googly eyes

  • Posca pens

  • white glue and/or hot glue


  1. Paint your wood block! We had an assortment of brown paints, provided by Nana :)

  2. Cover your popsicle stick "feathers" in washi tape. We chose mostly reds and oranges!

  3. Use hot glue to adhere feathers to the back side of the wooden block. Ta-da! You've got feathers!

  4. Cut out beaks, waddles, and feet (if you wish!) from foam paper.

  5. Select googly eyes that make you smile.

  6. Glue on eyes and foam parts.

  7. Add any finishing touches with Posca pens! A flower crown? Don't mind if we do! A heart tummy? That would be lovely. A pink hair bow? YOU GOT IT!

The best thing about these turkeys is that they are tuck-away-able for next year's decor! And they will be even cuter because they will carry all of our Thanksgiving 2023 memories with them <3

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends!



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