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Peg Doll Turkeys

These are literally the cutest turkeys ever. In fact, I would argue that, in real life, turkeys are lacking in overall cuteness. Alas, create one with a peg doll and suddenly, you see there's something there ;)

I had the joy of watching about 60 of these sweet things come to life! And although I have zero proof, I can only imagine the festive adorableness they brought to the places they went home to :)


  • peg dolls (the cheapest ones are at Dollar Tree!)

  • washi tape

  • cardstock

  • markers or crayons

  • collage bits

  • glue sticks

  • hot glue gun

  • tiny googly eyes

  • orange and red craft foam


  1. Because I was making these with 3-5 year olds, I pre-glued googly eyes, a beak, and a wattle onto each peg. FYI: "Wattle" is a new term for me, but I was fortunate to have a turkey-informed assistant! ;)

  2. I also pre-cut washi tape (and stuck all the pieces on the sides of containers), the cardstock rainbow shapes (eventually glued onto the back of the peg doll), and pulled itty bitty pieces out of my collage bin.

  3. Students began by wrapping their peg doll bodies with washi tape. Nobody wants a naked turkey ;)

  4. Next, students coloured their cardstock rainbow shape and added collage bits using glue sticks.

  5. Students visited the "hot glue" station to have an adult hot glue their peg doll to their cardstock.

Aren't they cute?! I actually hot glued a pin onto the back of one so I could sport it during the week leading up to Thanksgiving!

Wishing everyone an adorable Thanksgiving, gathered around loved ones and cute crafts!




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