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DROP EVERYTHING NOW! Meet me in room! ;)

We can't get over how much we love our latest Taylor Swift-inspired art project. Ladies and gentlemen, artists from around the globe, fellow Swifties who understand our Taylor Swift obsession on a deeply personal level, we'd like to introduce you to.....THE SWIFT KABOB! It's a perfect art project for all generations of Swifties, encouraging artists to celebrate the Taylor Swift imagery, lyrics, symbols, songs, and eras that resonate the most! And, luckily, they are a vertical project that allow ample space for other Taylor Swift merch that you happen to have or intend on accumulating. WIN-WIN!


  • cardboard

  • scissors

  • air dry clay

  • gems

  • disco ball stickers (optional, but extremely life-giving)

  • wooden skewer

  • paper straws

  • white paper

  • markers/crayons

  • beads

  • hot glue and glue gun


  1. Cut out a small square of cardboard. Ours were about 3 inches by 3 inches.

  2. If you so desire (oh, how I hope you desire!), decorate or embellish the cardboard base with disco ball stickers. We always get ours from Dollarama.

  3. Smush (technical term) a ball of air dry clay onto the base. Stick a skewer into this base and decorate the remaining mound of clay with gems!

  4. Time to let your true Swiftie heart shine! On white paper, create Taylor Swift inspired images. Anything goes! Cut them out as you like.

  5. Cut paper straws to match the size of your Swifte images. Hot glue a cut straw onto the backside of each image, so that you have a way to slide your image onto the wooden skewer (like a bead!)

  6. Add beads and your Swiftie images/beads onto the skewer in a way that makes you feel.....enchanted.

  7. Ta-da! Take photos to share with your Swiftie friends! ;)

I forgot to mention the part about blasting Taylor Swift music while you create. Thankfully, you were probably already doing so ;)

Much love to you, beautiful community! Happy creating!

Love Lindsay

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