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Colors of the World Collaborative Art

Okay, okay! This is probably the simplest, yet the most beautiful collaborative art I have ever done with a group of kids! Check out this stunning piece, framed:



  1. Distribute grid paper template to artists.

  2. Encourage artists to draw anything they like in each square, using only the Colors of the World pencil crayons. This could be scenes, images, patterns, anything they wish!

  3. Collect artist work and cut into squares.

  4. Arrange the squares into an overall mosaic piece, making sure to include squares from each artist.

  5. Glue the individual squares into your desired formation. I was tempted to do a heart ;) ALAS, NEXT TIME!!!

I loved sharing the final piece with the artists and having each artist find their unique contributions to the overall art piece. It was a great moment of community for our creative crew <3

I've said it before and I'll say it again - collaborative art is my FAVOURITE ART!

Happy collab-ing!

Love, Linds

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