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Kinetic Art for Kids!

You know what is more exciting than art that stays the same? ART THAT MOVES!!!! And you know what is more exciting than a photo of art? A movie of art!!!! CHECK OUT THIS KINETIC ART, FRIENDS:

SUPER COOL, right?!

Ours was Super Bowl inspired (Go Chiefs GO!), however this could definitely be altered for any theme you like! A magical sky you observed on a nature walk? With rainbows and clouds and sunshine?! I love it. A busy aquarium you explored during a fabulous family outing?! With Nemos and octopi and fun underwater structures? OHHH YES!

If you can dream, you can make it! We're considering a Barbie-inspired piece for our next try at kinetic art :)


  • cardstock (background)

  • washi tape

  • Posca pens

  • white paper/cut-outs

  • markers/crayons

  • scissors

  • brads/paper fasteners

  • pin (to poke holes safely!)


  1. On your cardstock background, add washi tape in whatever way brings you joy :)

  2. Draw images that connect to your theme. Cut them out! (Alternatively, you can use cut-outs from the Dollar store or from a Cricut! Decorate these with markers!)

  3. Decide where you would like to place your various images.

  4. Use a pin to poke a hole in each image, as well as the corresponding place you'd like it to go on the cardstock.

  5. Thread the brad through the image and then through the hole in the cardstock to fasten each image in place.

  6. Use Posca markers to add any additional details to your overall art piece.

  7. Explore ways to change your art piece by moving your various images!

Art is the best.


We can't wait to see what you create!


Linds XOXO

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