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Process Art Bento Boxes

Making pretend lunches is WAYYYY more fun than making real lunches. If you're a parent, this could be the perfect transition project from lunches-are-my-job to lunches-are-your-job ;) Mwaaa haaa haaa!!!!

Okay, I actually guarantee no results in the lunch-making department, but boast excellent results in the THIS-IS-SO-FUN department!

Just think about it........

The opportunity in a pile of cardboard. The excitement of a hot glue gun. The power of independent decision making. The thrill of a materials buffet! Surely I'm not the only one that is on the edge of my craft-seat here!

Step one is building this compartmentalized beauty! We ended up using shoebox lids and strips of cardboard to construct our bento boxes. We hot glued everything in place and then busted out some acrylic paint to make it our own to the fullest.

Next, you gotta set up the aforementioned "materials buffet". This entails collecting an assortment of materials that children always see the potential in. We used pom-poms, strips of fun paper, paper straw bits, pieces of felt, foam paper, play foam, ribbons, buttons.....anything goes!

The final stage is the funnest - creating the snackies and placing them like food connoisseurs!

So fun, right?!


We hope you find as much joy in this project as we did. Be sure to tag us @theartstadium if you try this out at home!


Chef Lindsay

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