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Snow Buddies

Great news, friends!!!! This is an art activity that checks ALL OF THE BOXES! It's cute! It's outside! It's achievable in a short period of time! It allows for personal expression and creativity. It doesn't have to come back inside the house! And, as a side note, they are porch-suitable and look extra adorable whilst greeting the friends and family (and Amazon delivery people) who stop by!

LIKE, COME ON! Check out these fabulous snow creations! Nory declared them "Snow Buddies" and so that is what they are :)


  • snow ;)

  • felt

  • pipecleaners

  • little stones or rocks

  • toothpicks

  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

  • embellishing items (e.g. gems!)


  1. Prepare snow buddy accessories before heading outside. We wanted a selection of scarves, hair bows, hats and mitts. The scarves are strips of felt that we snipped at each end to create a fringe. The hair bows and hats are hot glued onto toothpicks and then jazzed up with gems! The mittens are hot glued onto pipecleaners or toothpicks (depending on your child, ha!)

  2. Cut up an orange pipecleaner into small pieces to use as the carrot nose.

  3. Find stones with a pointier edge (that can be smushed into a snow face without crushing it!) We used golden, glittery ones because........they were gold and glittery!

  4. Put all materials on a tray to bring outside. We left our accessory tray on the front porch!

  5. Build your snow buddy. We decided on the two sphere look, but anything goes! Maybe yours have 1 or 4! ;)

  6. Add accessories to your snow buddy and display somewhere that others can enjoy and admire. Ours are on the front porch!

They have held up so well, given the wild wind we've heard each night. And, the Blink camera is PROOF that Amazon delivery drivers ADORE THEM. Have they been photographed by these people?! YES. THEY. HAVE.

Spread joy.

Make snow buddies.


Linds xo

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