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Recycled Unicorn Rocket

I feel like I'm the wrong lady to be writing this post but, since the true creator is six years old and has zero interest in using my computer, she says it's ALLLLLLL me ;) She'd also like for me to emphasize that it is not JUST a rocket. It is a UNICORN ROCKET.


  • cardboard

  • packing tape

  • scissors (or exacto knife)

  • plastic container top (from the dollar store!)

  • foam cone

  • paint, stickers, and other decorative materials

  • hot glue gun & sticks


Unfortunately, my 6 year old won't be there to guide you. So here are a few things to know....

  1. We broke all the cardboard down into flat sheets and started to work with them from there. It requires lots of tape to keep them together and two people when building it upright!

  2. Make the body of the rocket first, then add the wings, pointed top and.....unicorn horn ;)

  3. The "window" is a plastic container top. We got the largest size available and with some tracing and cutting, it fit perfectly for it's purpose!

  4. We used spray paint for quicker coverage!


  • Build materials for inside the rocket ship! Juliet made a control board out of more recycled materials.

  • Watch a movie or have a snack inside the ship!

  • Write a story about your discoveries in outer space!

  • Draw a picture of your rocket ship and label all the key parts.


  • What are some things you have learned about space?

  • What questions do you have about space?

  • Do you have any favourite books, songs, or movies about space?

  • Where are you going to go in your rocket ship?

  • What else have you made with recycled materials?


  • planning and executing a design

  • persevering through challenges (because....there will be challenges!!!)

  • safe use of hot glue gun

  • safe use of scissors

We seem to make one of these every few years, so stay tuned for our next one in the years to come ;)

Happy connecting!



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