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“Do you mean a Halloween mask or a coronavirus mask, Mom?!”

Ha! Funny that this activity required mask clarification. I just assumed we were all coronavirus, all the time over here

With the possibility of the girls having to wear a mask all day at school this year, we’ve been doing what we can to normalize masks at home. The last thing I want is for the girls to see masks at school and feel afraid.

We had a great conversation about mask-wearing as we played Face Mask Designers this morning. I hope this activity helps to start or continue conversations about wearing a mask at your house, too!


  • Playdoh

  • plastic sleeves

  • portraits shots of family members

  • printer

  • scissors

  • construction paper

*** If you don’t have a printer at home or if you have kiddos that are camera shy, you can use a colouring page featuring their favourite character instead!


  1. If you don’t have one already, take a photo of each family member’s smiling face

  2. Print each photo, full-size. Before doing this, I used a B&W filter to save our colour ink

  3. Cut out each person’s head.

  4. Choose a piece of construction paper to serve as a backdrop colour. We used black so that our masks would really stand out as the focus of our artwork!

  5. Place your photo on top of the construction paper and slide both papers inside of a plastic sleeve.

  6. Use Playdoh to create a mask for each family member! The beauty of using the plastic sleeve is that this activity can be repeated multiple times AND the photos can be re-purposed for another art activity later on!


  • Make a face mask for each person using paper, felt or craft foam. Then, you will have a more permanent reminder of your mask design


  • Why are people wearing masks?

  • When should people be wearing a mask?

  • How do you wear a mask properly?

  • How does wearing a mask make you feel?

  • How could you encourage someone younger than you to wear a mask?

  • How could you encourage someone older than you to wear a mask?

  • Which design is your favourite?


  • engaging in connection starters

  • using fine motor skills to manipulate the Playdoh

  • engaging in a sensory experience or quiet play

  • making creative decisions independently

  • showing confidence in creative choices

We are excited to see your Playdoh face masks and – you never know – we might just place an order with your little designer! Especially if you release any cat-themed designs

Please tag us @theartstadium so we can see what you come up with!

Happy connecting



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