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Picasso-Inspired Santas

The holiday season is here and we've been blasting the Glee holiday albums(!!!!) to kick things off! With hot drinks in hand, it was this upbeat, non-traditional music that inspired us to paint these abstract Kris Kringles :)

Aren't they SO. MUCH. FUN?! Framed, they would be EPIC!

Here's a very-loose, totally basic overview of how we made ours ;)


  • poster paper/cardstock (something less flimsy than printer paper!)

  • paint and paint brushes

  • red, green, gold, black paper or craft foam

  • scissors

  • glue


  1. Before we started, we searched and enjoyed some of Pablo Picasso's work. We noticed the various shapes he used and how he added dimension with paper (or other!) pieces.

  2. We brainstormed the main parts of Santa's look that we wanted to include (e.g. beard, hat, eyes, nose, etc.)

  3. We cut out our imagined features (in our own unique ways!) and glued them to the poster board to create a rough outline of Picasso-inspired Santa's face.

  4. We used paint to finish shaping the face or to add additional features (e.g. eyebrows).

  5. We painted the background of our artwork with colours that made us happy :)

I can only imagine the beautiful combinations of shapes, colours and textures that could be used to create more of these stunning pieces!

Be sure to tag us @theartstadium if you give these a try! <3

Happy holiday-crafting!


Linds XO

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