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Get ready for cuteness overload! This Father’s Day craft is about to make cute EVEN CUTER


  • empty pudding cup

  • two large googly eyes

  • black Sharpie marker

  • various lengths of string, streamers, and/or pipecleaners

  • white glue

  • beads

  • small paper gift tag

  • watercolour paint

  • paintbrush

  • pen

  • scissors


  1. Use scissors to gently poke a hole in the bottom-center of the pudding cup (it’s best to do this part now, although it’s not important until later!)

  2. Line the opening of the pudding cup with white glue.

  3. Attach the various pieces of string, streamers, or pipecleaners onto the cup by placing the ends of each piece in the white glue. Note that the pipecleaners will require a press and hold technique to be secured safely!

  4. While the glue is drying, use watercolour paint to add colour to your gift tag. This is where the message will be written!

  5. Create a loop at the top of a pipecleaner. Add some beads to the pipecleaner and then thread the un-looped end through the hole you made in step #1. Bend the end of the pipecleaner in a way that keeps it from escaping the pudding cup!

  6. Use glue to adhere both googly eyes to the pudding cup.

  7. Draw a smile with the Sharpie marker!

  8. Your painted gift tag should now be dry! Use the pen to write the following message, “Daddy, you make all the other kids JELLY!”

  9. Use glue to attach the tag onto the front side of your jellyfish.

  10. Give your jellyfish as a gift on Father’s Day!


  • Create a jellyfish for your silly Uncle or your fun-loving Grandpa, too! I’m sure many kids are “jelly” of these wonderful guys too


  • What do you love most about your Dad/Grandpa/Uncle, etc?

  • What sorts of things do you like to do with them?

  • Describe a time this person made you laugh.

  • How do Dads, Grandpas and Uncles help us during the year?


  • re-purposing pudding/Jello cup

  • using an appropriate amount of white glue

  • letter or word formation on the gift tag

  • fine motor skills while beading

  • creating something special for another person

We can’t wait for your own pudding cup jellyfish to come to life! Please tag us @theartstadium to let us in on your Father’s Day gift!

Happy connecting!



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